The heart of is moved by a deep and valuable experience, result of years of work in the field of monument restoration and recovery of valuable historic buildings. An area considered strategic in a country like Italy, cradle of history and traditions.


Bringing back the great art of the past to its ancient splendor is an activity that presumes total responsibility and accountability. Proven experience, adequate cultural and training process are only some of the requirements necessary to face and to complete a restoration in the best possible way.

 Construction and Interior Design

Architecture and contemporary design are the expression of the style and the culture of our time. The talent of the designers, combined with the endless technological solutions available, allow to realize works of indisputable expressive quality.


is the ideal partner in archaeological activities, with full support at every stage: from design, to specialized consulting, until the execution of intervention works.

 ArcheoRes - Restoration | Construction | Archeology

was founded in 1995 by the dream and passion of two entrepreneurs, graduates in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, whit relevant experiences in the sector.

The idea is to bring together the art of restoration and the scientific method of archaeological research with entrepreneurship. A vision focused on the future, in line with the new programming of European countries who consider the sustainable urban regeneration and the recovery of historical and artistic heritage as one of the priority national themes of interventions.

The fusion between the modern technical-scientific knowledge and the inestimable value of the traditional craftsmanship produces an outstanding result. A synergy that can successfully resolve all the problems of recovery and restoration, even in critical conditions such as the damages caused by earthquakes and natural disasters.


Verso una “Carta di Rieti”: per una comunicazione responsabile nei disastri naturali

Si svolgerà il 6 dicembre a Rieti un workshop per discutere le linee guida di una comunicazione responsabile in caso di disastri naturali. A offrire l’occasione sarà la presentazione...