Ardinghelli Palace restoration work

Ardinghelli Palace is located in the heart of the historical center of L’Aquila. The building is on two main levels; the ground floor is dominated by the presence of passing entrance hall with the stairs on the left, and by a colonnaded courtyard. The ground floor reveal the various building phases that led to the formation of the edifice; the main floor, at least in the body facing the square, was completely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1703, with the creation of large vaulted halls and the insertion of a small chapel surmounted by a dome.
Together with the facade, the courtyard is the element that characterizes the building; its exedra termination differentiate it from almost all of the buildings in L’Aquila and gives coherence to the architectural complex. Under the stylistic unity given to the palace by the eighteenth-century intervention, it’s hidden an intense layering readable through the structure and character building of the factory. (by Fausto Dramisino)





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