is the ideal partner in archaeological activities, with full support at every stage: from design, to specialized consulting, until the execution of intervention works.

Thanks to the presence of technicians specialized in various disciplines, the company ensures an effective and fast response in every context. Among the objectives, the perfect balance between the commitment to the protection of scientific data of archaeological research and the requirements for the realization of large infrastructures cannot miss, is essential.

works for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, superintendences for Archaeological Heritage, Public Administrations and big companies. Among the most important services we have surveys, either in prevention of archaeological risk or in the development of territorial planning tools. These last are preparatory to the realization of large infrastructure projects: installation of pipelines, roads, urban subdivisions, construction of industrial clusters, wind farms and photovoltaic plants realization.

Some of the adopted systems:
• bibliographic and archival researches
• surface surveys
• aerophotointerpretation
• geomorphological analysis
• Geoarchaeological prospecting and core drilling
• excavations and preventive archeology
• topographic and archaeological reliefs
• drawing and finds cataloging
• specialized analyzes and paleoanthropological, paleofaunistic and paleobotanical studies


Cantiere Archeores Palazzo de Nardis - RETE8 - Abruzzo - Italia

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MOSTRA “SAFIN” inglese

INGLESE In occasione della XXXVI Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria tenutasi in Abruzzo nel settembre 2001, archeoRes, ha collaborato all’organizzazione...