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has an internal design team, composed of engineers, architects and surveyors. An experienced and coordinated working group, in which construction site and design studio operate complementarily, ensuring to each project the optimization of time and resources.

archeoRes believes in innovation as key to ensure the highest levels of seismic safety and comfort. Every material used is the result of careful selection, as well as the choice of professionals who work with the company. Each solution enhances the conservative recovery, security, local tradition, the study of materials, energy saving and respect for the environment. The result is to offer customers a high quality product, always in line with regulatory standards.

In archeology, archeoRes can support any designing phase giving indications on the most appropriate design methodologies, times and costs of operations.

Thanks to qualified and prestigious external collaborations, archeoRes always tries to offer the customer a high quality result functional to the regulatory standards.


Cantiere Archeores Palazzo de Nardis - RETE8 - Abruzzo - Italia

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MOSTRA “SAFIN” inglese

INGLESE In occasione della XXXVI Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria tenutasi in Abruzzo nel settembre 2001, archeoRes, ha collaborato all’organizzazione...