Construction and Interior Design


Architecture and contemporary design are the expression of the style and the culture of our time.

The talent of the designers, combined with the endless technological solutions available, allow to realize works of indisputable expressive quality. A timeless beauty, which draws inspiration from the great works of our past.

embraces the construction industry with great attention considering it, also, a representation of art and culture.

The construction and renovation of civil residential properties is driven by the knowledge that the house is the most important asset to people, not only economically.

For this reason stands out for the attention to construcion details, the quality of the materials, the efficacy of technical solutions, the search for high safety standards, with a special focus on energy saving and environmental protection.

The extensive know-how in the restoration of properties of high historical and artistic value allows to create highly finished, comfortable and technologically advanced buildings. The organization of the building sites and the proven construction method allow us to optimize production processes and to complete the work on time, respecting the needs and the budget of the Customer.



The experience gained in the recovery of historical and artistic heritage allowed to acquire deep knowledge and expertise in the field of the high-quality interiors finishes, artistic decorations and interior design.

The company realizes any type of decoration, using a number of techniques and methodologies, as well as elegant finishes, works in woodworking craft, marbles, mosaics, stucco and decorative paints.

Perfect solutions, especially for luxury residences, hotels and entertainment venues. Of course know-how also responds to the expectations of the foreign market, where, thanks to a selected network of skilled workers, suppliers and contractors meets any request of the customer. An example of Made in Italy in the the world of excellence.


Cantiere Archeores Palazzo de Nardis - RETE8 - Abruzzo - Italia

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MOSTRA “SAFIN” inglese

INGLESE In occasione della XXXVI Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria tenutasi in Abruzzo nel settembre 2001, archeoRes, ha collaborato all’organizzazione...