The heart of is moved by a deep and valuable experience, result of years of work in the field of monument restoration and recovery of valuable historic buildings. An area considered strategic in a country like Italy, cradle of history and traditions. In we found an extraordinary alchemy of skills, all of the highest profile.

From Masters to skilled workers, passing through engineers and architects, each professional contributes to volorize works subject to restoration.

In support of the staff there is a constant search for advanced technologies applied to restoration, as well as the use of innovative materials and methods and the heated debate with educational, professional institutions and international Universities. All this, to achieve more outstanding results.

Every restoration is an ambitious challenge to . Complex coordination activities to respond adequately to safety standards of buildings, in addition to the rigorous respect of  the protection and preservation of the historical identity.

Thanks to the mix between innovation and tradition, the ancient craftsmanship tests new technologies and materials in a combination destined to feed a fertile ever-changing restoration workshop.

To complete the overwiew, the deep expertise in logistics/organization, which allows to act in a short time in any historical and environmental context.


Cantiere Archeores Palazzo de Nardis - RETE8 - Abruzzo - Italia

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MOSTRA “SAFIN” inglese

INGLESE In occasione della XXXVI Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria tenutasi in Abruzzo nel settembre 2001, archeoRes, ha collaborato all’organizzazione...