Bringing back the great art of the past to its ancient splendor is an activity that presumes total responsibility and accountability. Proven experience, adequate cultural and training process are only  some of the requirements necessary to face and to complete a restoration in the best possible way.

The intervention techniques are guided by scientific rigor and they allow to plan and to coordinate all the steps that lead to the execution of a proper and modern work of conservation and restoration, through preliminary diagnostics and design.

Everything starts with an analysis of the historical and environmental aspects of the asset (property), as well as laboratory tests on samples and a physical-chemical and photographic diagnostic, in order to know in detail and fully appreciate all the richness of the artwork.

The proper restoration will take place only after this careful and sensitive investigative phase. In support of the interventions, an adequate technical documentation of the various stages will be produced, for scientific or informative purposes.

Intervention sectors concern restoration of:

• paintings on canvas and board
• frescoes and decorated plaster
• stucco and gilded surfaces
• mosaics and stone materials
• artifacts and wooden ceilings
• archaeological finds
• historic facades


Cantiere Archeores Palazzo de Nardis - RETE8 - Abruzzo - Italia

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MOSTRA “SAFIN” inglese

INGLESE In occasione della XXXVI Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria tenutasi in Abruzzo nel settembre 2001, archeoRes, ha collaborato all’organizzazione...